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All Wales Injury Surveillance System

The All Wales Injury Surveillance System (AWISS) is population-based, multi-source injury surveillance system, designed to measure injury rates and patterns, in order to support the design and evaluation of injury reduction initiatives, interventions and policies across Wales.

The evidence section collects information under a number of health topics. Most of it is medical but the Healthy Living section provides evidence on lifestyle interventions and health.
Crime Reduction

Aims to provide community safety and crime prevention practitioners with information and advice to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in their local area. Contains evidence on a broad range of topics from CCTV to racially motivated crime.
Health Evidence Bulletins Wales

Reviews a range of evidence for a number of topics, including cancer, injury prevention, healthy environments and mental health.
Highways Department

Conducts wide-ranging research on issues relating to health and the rural environment INSTEAD
Highways Department

Commissions and conducts research on a number of road traffic issues such as air quality, traffic calming and the community effects of traffic congestion and its relief.
Institute of Rural Health (IRH)

Conducts wide-ranging research on issues relating to health and the rural environment.
MRC’s Social and Public Health Science Unit, University of Glasgow

The aim of the Unit is ‘to promote human health via the study of social and environmental influences on health’. Of particular interest will be the section evaluating the health effects of social interventions. They focus on non healthcare sector areas such as housing and regeneration as well as hosting the ESRC Centre for Evidence Based Public Health Policy.
NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD), University of York

Provides summaries of reviews conducted by CRD about what is already known about the effectiveness of interventions to improve health and tackle ill health.
Most are about medical treatments but it includes the comprehensive Evidence from Systematic Reviews of Research Relevant implementing the Wider Public Health Agenda (See reviews conducted in 2000). Also includes the Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) database which provides abstracts of quality assessed systematic reviews. Some of these deal with the wider determinants of health.
Public Involvement in Health Impact Assessment. Chloe Chadderton, Eva Elliott, Gareth Williams (WHIASU)

As part of its research and evaluation role this paper reports on a research study investigating the methods and impact of members of the public and community groups involvement in Health Impact Assessment (HIA). The methodology includes a comprehensive literature review, and case studies in Wales using qualitative interviews and focus groups with members of the public and representatives from community groups and the statutory sector. A grounded theory approach is adopted in order to identify emergent themes in the data.

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