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05 February 18

Webinar: Health, wellbeing and gender impacts: HIA of a Night Time Economy Framework

How has Health Impact Assessment (HIA) added value to the night time economy (NTE)? What are the health impacts of the NTE, and what groups are affected? Many of these impacts are sex/gender-related and are surprising in several respects. This webinar on the 15th of February 2018 uses a case study from the Welsh Government to discuss stakeholder perspectives and recommendations; how the safeguarding of NTE participants has been enhanced; and how the HIA has provided insight to the Welsh Government to revise the NTE and clearly articulate the key groups who would be affected and the potential consequences for them.

05 February 18

Comprehensive Health Impact Assessment on Anglesey's Public Toilet Provision

The first ever HIA of a public toilets strategy was undertaken in Anglesey in 2016 to inform decisions in relation to the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017 and also the need for local authorities to prepare a Toilet Strategy. It has since informed the Welsh Government Toilet Strategy which is out for consultation currently and references the HIA:

19 December 17

Cardiff City Council have just published a Supplementary Planning Guidance

Cardiff City Council have just published a Supplementary Planning Guidance to support and enable healthy planning and policy in the city.

09 November 17

Just Published - WHIASU/PRID journal paper on the HIA of Welsh Government’s draft Night Time Economy Framework

This case study outlines the approach of a prospective Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to re-develop an existing reactive framework for managing the night-time economy in Wales. Inclusion of a range of stakeholders in the process enabled the reformulation of realistic proactive objectives which account for both health and well-being. This article highlights the benefits of HIA and can be used to inform future policy developments. The paper is available also in a special issue of Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal – Health in Impact Assessment. For more information please contact Liz Green or Lee Parry-Williams.

11 October 17

Health Impact Assessment Competency Training – Rapid (Desk Top) HIAs 2 Days + Assignment

This course is aimed at officers such as EHP’s and EH Managers, planners, regeneration officers and other staff who will need to understand and be capable of contributing to ,or in some cases, conducting a Rapid HIA and appreciate how to use the findings in practice. Having increased insight into HIA will prepare officers to respond to the introduction of statutory HIA in Wales for public bodies as outlined in the Public Heath (Wales) Act 2017 (specific circumstances to be determined in the forthcoming regulations). In addition elements of the course will support relevant officers to interpret the introduction of the concept of ‘population health’ within Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) following the EU Directive.

20 September 17

Briefing – Housing & Health: Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

Following the passage of the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017, which includes a duty on public bodies to carry out health impact assessments (HIAs) in specific circumstances, this briefing provides supporting information about the application of HIA in the housing sector including Housing Associations (HAs).

20 September 17

Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU) News Update: Autumn 2017

Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU) News Update: Autumn 2017

28 July 17

Quality Assurance Review Framework for HIA published

The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit today publishes a 'Quality Assurance Review Framework for HIA'. This has been developed by the Unit and is the first ever broad quality review tool for HIA which can be applied to HIAs of policies, projects or plans and is available in Welsh and English.

14 July 17

HIA and Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment Training sessions to be held

In September 2107, WHIASU will be holding a series of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment (MWIA) introductory sessions in North and South Wales.

19 June 17

Health Disability Sport Project Social Return on Investment report now available

In 2016, WHIASU supported a HIA for a Health Disability Sport project in North Wales. The complementary Social Return on Investment (SROI) report is published today.