HIA Reports

This page gives access to a wide range of HIA reports which have been completed in Wales since 2001. They have been carried out in a variety of sectors and settings. The reports published below are variable in their scope, size and length. This reflects the size of document needed, and which was appropriate, for the decision makers at the time ie for a Scrutiny Committee meeting; a Board Paper; or to inform a community and organisation more comprehensively. Missing data, evidence or background from a report does not mean that this was not collected or used.

Title Author Description Reports Topics
Briefing – Housing & Health: Health Impact Assessment (HIA)


Following the passage of the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017, which includes a duty on public bodies to carry out health impact assessments (HIAs) in specific circumstances, this briefing provides supporting information about the application of HIA in the housing sector including Housing Associations (HAs).

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