Background and Key Roles

The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU) is an all Wales service responsible to Public Health Wales and funded by Welsh Government as a part of a wider strategy to improve health and reduce inequalities and to assist organisations to respond to 'Our Healthy Future' and 'Fairer Outcomes for All'. 

It is based in the Policy, Research and International Development Directorate of Public Health Wales in Cardiff and also has a base at Public Health Wales in North Wales.

The Unit provides advice, guidance and support through the provision of awareness raising presentations, training sessions, facilitation of rapid appraisals and support for other ongoing HIAs. The Unit also provides assistance and advice with capacity building within organisations.

Key Roles

  • To support the development and effective use of the approach in Wales through building partnerships and collaborations with key statutory, voluntary, community and private organisations in Wales
  • To provide direct information and advice to those who are in the process of  conducting HIAs
  • To contribute to the provision of new research, and provide access to existing evidence, that will inform and improve judgements about the potential impacts of policies, programmes and projects.